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the military-backed government in egypt is reportedly furious over comments of two u.s. centers there that the removal of mohammad morsi was a coup. have we learned more about the circumstances in this foreign international remediation ended? >> the two that you are referring to run the u.s. -- deputy secretary of state as well as william byrnes. william burns has left the country. morsi is to says blame -- the muslim brotherhood this failure.r what we do know is that on the substance, all of these international mediators, both the eu, the u.s., the gulf states, and the u.s. centers -- senators who were in egypt as for the were working queue to be reversed and that morsi be reinstated. reversede coup to be and that morsi be reinstated. and the muslim brotherhood senior officials would be released from jail. the islamist media shot down by the army would resume, and that the future of their participation of the muslim brotherhood in the egyptian politics and be guaranteed. those first order of the four main points. to happenplan was without mohammad morsi. that was the big snag.
>> the u.s. tells citizens in yemen to leave immediately over the continued potential for terrorist attacks. a child rapist mystically -- mistakenly pardon last week, he remains in spain now in custody. and the curiosity land rover celebrates one year on the best plan that. mars. citizensis telling its in yemen to leave the country immediately due to the continuing potential for terrorist attacks. it also ordered non-government staff to leave the arab state. they are also pulling british staff out of the embassy as well. the drone strike has reportedly killed four drone strike in yemen and that one was plotting a terror attack that prompted the closing of seven diplomatic posts around the world. the u.s. media says the closures and global travel alerts were sparked by intercepts from al qaeda leaders and commanders in yemen. >> we got that passes mostly was ahe nsa, there capability of getting intercepted and the fact that his message to the world last his no. 2 and basically told him to prepare for attacks on sunday. it is a confluence of events to tell thethe u.s. citizens to leav
of the prayer in the mosque, we don't know if it was today or the four. -- or before. syrian presidents used to pray at a small mosque in the capital . there are a lot of elements showing that this psychological imperative was a new development .n the revolution on the ground the situation has been -- since they took the city of to say or had shown thend capacity to take over areas they lost before. ziad -- you, ziad. to egypt, where the pro-morsi citizens continue -- sit-ins continue. foreign efforts to end the crisis have failed. the u.s. says there is still time for dialogue. in a joint statement with the eu, it called the situation very fragile, warning against what he called a dangerous stalemate. are tired of u.s. involvement in their country's affairs. >> anti-american slogans have been evident in the streets since mohamed morsi was deposed on july 3. the u.s. media agencies have left. negotiations with the army and muslim brotherhood have failed. this policy analyst does not find that surprising. >> the u.s. does not have great credibility with any of the sides. the muslim brotherhoo
in this the second attack to hit their in as many days. the u.s. and russia set for talks this friday. the meeting will most likely be a frosty affair as the edward snowden asylum scandal casts a shadow. action officially kicks off today in france. teams have spent the off-season beefing of -- beefing up rosters. a closer look. the headlines here on "france 24 ." i molly hall. we begin in pakistan where the gunmen have reportedly shot and killed nine people outside a mosque in the southwest of the country. at least 15 people were wounded in the shooting which targeted a former pakistan he pulls party minister. they say it took place when a group of his supporters will daschle were coming out of them mosque at sunrise prayers marking the end of ramadan. the latest in a string of violence. on thursday a taliban suicide bomb and that's bombing killed people. i am joined by a researcher at the ipse, institute for perspective and security in europe. thank you very much for joining us. no one yet has claimed responsibility for the latest attacks but we are seeing both thebe hit by religious extremists a
used tear gas to disperse the crowd at first, but soon after, state media reported gunfire heard at both sites. on wednesday, many of the tenants have been cleared. haveny of the tents been cleared. for testers are: the events of recent days a massacre -- protesters are calling the events of recent days a massacre. stopare trying to protesters from regrouping elsewhere. >> let's speak to our correspondent in cairo. what is thesit-in, latest on the military operation there? >> eyewitnesses are reporting there is still a lot of tear gas being fired at them in the streets surrounding the sitting -- sit-in. there are barrages of gunfire. a lot of it is coming from rooftops. they believe it is snipers. whether that is the police is still unclear. we can see from the live footage that there are still thousands of morsi supporters inside that said in -- that sit-in. they have been telling me they are going to stay there. what they are doing to try and defend himself is pull up hating stones -- defend themselves is pull up paving stones. they deny claims that they have -- that they have
to have you with us. we start in syria where two pro opposition groups are claiming that government forces carried out a poisonous gas attack near damascus. they claimed huns have died. the two groups are saying that regime forces fired rockets with poisonous gas heads in the attack on wednesday. the britain-based syrian observatory for human rights says the shelling was intense and hit eastern suburbs of the capital. the government denies using chemical weapons. earlier, i spoke to the syrian observatory for human rights. >> bombings continue. they haven't stopped. this is the most intense attack by the syrian regime on the suburbs of damascus and the towns and cities in the east and west countryside. we've now documented the tenth air strike by the syrian air force on the town that activists have reported the use of poisonous gas heads and the death and injury of hundreds of people as a result. and there's also an intense use of multiple rocket launcher bombardments on the towns. again, activists have reported to the observatory that many people have suffered from poisonous gases. we hav
for bringing us up-to- date on the situation after a deadly act on wednesday in which hundreds of people were killed. in other news, direct talks between israelis and palestinians resumed in jerusalem, and the low expectations, and soon after israel released 26 palestinian prisoners. the talks were cloaked in secrecy. took almost five hours. they were held in a secret location in jerusalem, described by people as serious. there was no american mediation. it was actually the two parties face to face after a long gap. we don't know much more than that. u.s. secretary of state john kerry has imposed a decision. he is the driving force behind the newly formed peace talks, and he has said it will best be conducted in quiet, in secret, without the media watching. a bit the way they elect a pope -- lock people inside. they don't have to endure a scrutiny, and that is how it is going to be. i have to say it is not just media scrutiny. both sides are aware that critics inside the camps -- the palestinians, hamas, which criticizes the process -- and for the israeli negotiator, there are parties inside
confirm or deny whether chemical weapons were indeed used in the militia-held damascus suburbs. pressure is mounting. .> it is real crucial the international community is looking for their judgment upon which to base their actions. what is critically and valuable about the u.n. inspectors as they are seen as credible, that is also a plague on them because everyone is looking to them for their reports in their advice. that is a lot of pressure to be under. >> however, they have a limited mandate, which means they're powerless to travel the few minutes, drive to the scene of the alleged attack. you and secretary general ban ki-moon confirmed that the u.n. has submitted a formal request for access. efforts are hindered for a swift and devices investigation. >> allied russia has urged the syrian government to cooperate with the u.n. experts and allows the group to investigate the alleged use of chemical weapons. a rookie league and u.n. -- arab league and u.n. says they should speak up toward an international peace conference. meanwhile, u.s. president barack obama has said there is a more a
. the minister of sports here did warn us that only one of those is actually going to plan at the moment. so he is keen for people to pull their help out to get the stadium ready for the deadline at the end of the year. the police and the security said they're really kicking in to action as well. they'll be looking back at some of the other events to see what lessons can be learned from them. the post visit was wide lynn seen as the massive success here. 3 million visitors from around the world got together. on the whole the crowds were kept happy and safe. bigger concerns for the government and the police though was the protest that we had earlier in the year. across the country people came out to the street. there was a lot of violence, very unusual in brazil. the government here very keen to get through a series of measures to try to come people down. they want to make sure that next year the action stays on the pitch not off it. >> that said i'll be back with in our news bulletins.nutes. let's see how the press is reacting to this detention of a guardian journalist involved in the edward sn
is, what are the elements of this package and what means do they use to achieve this goal? they have talked about curtailing aid in a number of ways, and there has been talk of an arms in fargo to signal strongly that the violence must stop. at the same time, there is hardening of rhetoric towards the interim government there, placing most of the blame on the government for their recent clashes with protesters and asking the government first to step back and hopefully to restore some order. >> the egyptians haven't taken kindly, have they, too different of sanctions and eight withdrawal -- to the threat of sanctions and aid withdrawal, have they? >> the foreign minister was quoted telling journalists that he regretted the internationalization of what was happening, that he saw this as a purely egyptian matter, and he was unhappy that aid was being used as a pressure point towards the egyptians, saying that the aid has good intentions and credibility and they would be happy to take it, but otherwise, it is a problem for them. the issue here is that they have a very different perspecti
of notoriousmost underworld bosses has been convicted of 11 murders. thank you for joining us on "france 24." former prime minister off mali ibrahim boubacar keita looks certain to be declared the winner. it removes the specter of a legal battle. they have until friday to officially announce the result of the runoff, a with everything indicating that ibrahim boubacar keita was surging ahead, soumaila cisse gave his concession in person. >> i paid him a visit because it eldersadition to see the to congratulate them and reassure them. i went with my wife and my children. he gave me a warm welcome. it was a moment of great congeniality. moreover, i wanted to show i was republican, recognizing my defeat. i recognize my defeat and take responsibility. right now, we need to focus on the future and i sincerely wish president ibrahim boubacar keita all the best. >> the words of soumaila cisse on his concession. the french president francois hollande has extended his congratulations to ibrahim boubacar keita, saying parents will always stand by mali's side. ibrahim boubacar keita, known locally as i
to bombard damascus suburbs. areas they claim chemical weapons have been used. and the former egyptian leader whose the mubarak -- hosni mubarak could leave prison today but faces further legal trouble. hello, you are watching "france 24" live from paris. i am karen roberts. trial and has appeared for the first time in 17 months in public. he is accused of receiving 2.7 million euros in bribes from businessmen -- from businessmen during his time as party secretary. in northeastern china and abuse of power while he was the party chief in 2012. the current chinese leadership hopes that the scandal, which punished the chinese communist party into crisis last year will soon be over now, but this trial -- now that this trial is underway. police presence outside court as the star defendants arrive in a case that has gripped the chinese public and observers worldwide. charismatice politician. defending himself against bribery, and puzzlement, and abuse of power, and is expected to be found guilty. denied one of the charges that he accepted bribes from businessmen when he was based in delhi and. in d
correspondent. can you tell us the latest? marchesast 28 pro-morsi are set out to mark from various mosques -- to march from various mosques in what they are calling a day of rage. the protests are against the killing of so many morsi supporters at the sit-ins on wednesday and also to demand that mohamed morsi is released. they,ti-morsi camp -- too, are calling for demonstrations in response. they want people to take to the streets to defend the country from terrorism. they have asked for popular defense committees to protect them. there have been many attacks on coptic churches, homes, and businesses over the past 48 hours. many people believe it was islamists who were responsible for those attacks. emotion is running high among morsi supporters. they are mourning their dead. some of them are now saying that the time for the people to protest is over. i spoke to the -- to one spokesperson and she insists the protest will be peaceful. it is not just in cairo the demonstrations are planned. we are expecting demonstrations across the country. we have been seeing that for six weeks or more now
the names of the inmates who will be released this week. the decision is part of a u.s.- brokered deal that rocked the two sides back to the table after a three--- that brought the two sides back to the table after a three-year pause in peace talks. this man possibly other was stabbed to death in jerusalem in 1990 -- this man's brother was stabbed to death in jerusalem in 1990. >> they are not human beings. they are animals. they have no rights. >> the announcement of the release came in tandem with the approval of nearly 1200 new settlement homes, a statement that could sabotage the peace talks. underway inting is mali after sunday's presidential -- vote counting is underway in mali after sunday's presidential runoff. whoever wins will oversee more than $4 billion in foreign aid. bamako.the latest from >> we have not heard any official results were not yet. we have been getting unofficial polls throughout the night. the lead is unsurprising to most of us. cisse as a lead in a few small places such as -- cisse has the lead in a few small places. for the most part, keita is ahe ad. ciss
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14